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So, this is not going to be a normal buyer letter. I am not sure if you will use it or not but I seriously feel like I have to say something. You and I had our problems. I know I can be a complete B when it comes to getting what I want. I know I drove you crazy. I need to put some things out there and I pray you will show this letter on your site so people can know the truth about you. I am so sorry for everything I did. All the threats, the nasty emails. I feel like such a jerk. I am going to say everything that happened even though you already know just in case you will add this to the site so people can hear what really goes on. So I signed up to purchase a puppy from you last year. I was so excited. After I paid I tried calling you and you didn't answer just to ask some basic questions. I had a bad feeling because you hear about all these puppy scams so I researched further and found that you had some complaints about your site. I went into a panic thinking I just lost my money. I called you, emailed you and no response. So I called the police. I am ashamed but I actually called the cops on you. So finally 2 days later I hear from you and you apologized but I wanted nothing but a refund. You told me that the application states no refunds but I didn't care I didn't want to deal with you. I told you I was going to sue you, I was going to put you in jail. All because I had read some reviews and I thought you were scamming me. You told me that it was because of people like me that the problems existed. I of coarse snapped back but now I know its the truth. I jumped to conclusions, I didn't care that I signed a no refund application, I was going to do whatever I could to get my money back I didn't care what I had to do to you to get it. I was a total bitch to you. And I know I am not the only one. I posted crap about you online, I called your site to try and get it shut down. I made such a stink about it instead of just giving you a chance. So months went by of me trying to destroy you and I realized none of that was going to get me my money back so I contacted you again. You told me you would still honor my purchase and get me a puppy. I figured I wasn't getting my money back so I figure I would see if you would really get me a puppy. You did. And he is the light of my life. He is unlike an animal I have ever seen. He is so good looking and so smart. Everywhere I go with him people ask me about him. He is everything to me and I almost didn't get him. And now I couldnt imagine my life without him. I know I did everything I could to hurt you and when I picked him up I saw you. I saw that you are sick. I saw you have so many things going on in your life and I realized I am such a ass to have made more problems for you all because you didn't respond to me right away. All I can say is I am so sorry. And thank you so much for my baby. And ask you to please post this letter on your letter page. There are bad reviews because people like me buy and want to back out because of something stupid then we start all kinds of trouble. I am so sorry. And you tell me now that you have people threatening your life as well as legal troubles all because people do not give you a chance and think rules do not apply to them. Its disgusting to me to know I was part of the problem. Especially when you are so nice in person and you are sick. Please post this maybe it will stop someone else from doing what I did to you. If you stay in business I want to buy JoJo a sister next year and I wouldnt buy from anyone but you. I hope you got the pics of our trip.

All my love and all my apologies,
Yvonne and JoJo
My name is Yazmin and I live in Valle de Bravo, a beautiful town in the forest one hundred miles from Mexico City.
I have 3 wolf dogs that I bought thru wolfhuskypups.My first WD is "Charm" a black female with beautiful yellow eyes. Charm is mid content but she is very "wolfy" she is very shy, not social and really escapist. It has been difficult as a first owner to have her but I have worked a lot with her trying to get her confidence, I spend lots of time with charm and I finally made a bond with her. It took me a lot of time but now she can come with out a leash to mountain bike, horse ridding or to the forest for a hiking. It is strange because Charm does not like people but she is really nice with the kids!! Kids do not have trouble to get close to her. Charm is the most intelligent and agile of all my dogs and WD. My second WD is "Astro" an augouti high content male. Astro is a sweet heart!! He is social, he does not scape, he is always with out a leash and comes with me to the mountain. He is high content, but he is a very easy one! I am very lucky to have him!! He is very large and beautiful and everybody loves him!! He is always close to me, he really enjoys my company!
Everywhere I take Astro, people ask about him. My third WD is a blue baby female. I am impressed in the beauty of this female. The blue puppies are the most beautiful."Kyra" is social, sweet and really intelligent! I am sure she would be a great adult WD. WD are great, beautiful, more intelligent than a dog and very agile. They are special, and you need to have time, space and a big commitment if you are thinking in having one.
I am really happy and I love a lot of my WDs!!
Hello there,
I just visited your site and noticed you will be changing your focus away from puppies. I’m sorry to hear this, but understand your reasoning and wish you the greatest of luck moving forward.I also wanted to say thank you for your services! I purchased a husky/malamute hybrid from your Utah breeder six years ago. I absolutely love my girl and she is a wonderfully balanced and affectionate companion. I very appreciate the service you offered and am forever grateful that it led me to my little girl.Take good care.
Love & light,
Just wanted you to know that things are working out just great with the pups we purchased, so thank you for making that possible-and very quickly! It feels as though they've always been here. Can't remember the last time we got so many puppy hugs and kisses. They are little love bugs!

Their new vets are so in love with them already and everyone lit up upon meeting them. Their names are now Bronn and Arya. They are so stinking smart already that we have to remind ourselves that they're still just babies. She is a little spitfire, loves attention, very vocal, and just the sweetest. He is calm, patient, LOVES belly rubs, is observant and curious...and is very much attached to my husband. He follows him everywhere just watching or trying to help.

They have been spending plenty of time inside and getting to know the cats (who aren't all that thrilled, but they're getting used to the smells and sounds of the puppies). Crate training going well...they will sleep through the night and love listening to music...yesssss. They also have their first harnesses...which Arya loves using for leash walks in the yard, but not so much for Bronn...he prefers a collar. All-in-all they are a great fit for us and we are excited for the coming adventures with them. Can't thank you enough.

Stacey and Sean
Hello! My husband and I bought 2 pups from the Utah breeder a few months ago and just wanted to show you the progress of them. It was Sitting Bull and the older pup that someone gave up... who are now named Okami and Sif. They have gotten extremely interested in being around us and aren't as shy as they were when we got them. They have learned how to sit, speak and are extremely well behaved. They love to play with toys and they love to go on walks. They have the best personalities and are so goofy and always making us laugh! We are so so so glad we bought them both!! Thank you so much :)
Hello and good afternoon. I couldn't start this message without first saying thank you. There's a lot of ways to say it but I want you to know I mean it. Raising this wolf dog(Zeus) has been the best experience of my life.
My wolf dog journey actually began with another blessed pup, who passed away very early, a fact that still brings pain to me and my family. I do believe all things happen for a reason and had those events not transpired I wouldn't have my best friend here. As I said, raising him has been the greatest experience of my life, but he's unfortunately getting older and I think it's time to bring him a sister.

I'm not sure if you're still working with wolf pups, as I saw on the main website that this would be the last summer, but I'm reaching out to you in he hope that you can help me. Pricing is not an issue, but rather we're more concerned with finding the right pup for our family. Thank you again, truly for everything.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am the proud owner, mother, best friend and soulmate to the most magnificent animal I’ve ever known and it’s all because of your website that I just happened to come upon while looking for another “Wolf Dog” after my old girl, a Husky Wolf, passed on in 2010. With her passing, a giant hole was left in my heart and home and although I still had my wonderful cat of 13 years, she and I both couldn’t stop missing our beautiful dog.
 One night, with my kitty on my lap, I was searching unsuccessfully on line for wolf dogs near my home in Santa Barbara, California when I came upon Immediately the page opened up to the most incredible and professionally organized website where, not only was there someone available to “live chat” to answer questions but there were photographs and informational material that helped a potential first time owner of this special breed of dogs, to understand the joy as well as the challenges of taking on an animal who is both incredibly intelligent and still a little wild! These characteristics are precisely what has always drawn me to these “Wolf Dogs” and I found to be both thorough and educational , chatting first on line with me and then, upon submitting my application, I was given a phone number and felt completely, personally supported while waiting for my puppy to arrive. I had an endless variety of questions from what to feed my new puppy “Loki”, a gorgeous sable colored male Malamute Wolf, to the benefits of crate training and there was no doubt that I made the right decision in trusting “Wolfhuskypups” to deliver what you had promised!!!

From the moment I met my amazing new family member, to now, 6 years later, I am and remain grateful that I found you! My life is so rewarding, sharing it with my closest companion and I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through the process and delivering to me the most precious gift of all!
With love~
Nancy from Santa Barbara, California