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This is to send you a beautiful picture of my wild child. I'm hoping that you will forward to Laura. If you don't remember offhand, her mama is Foxy and daddy is King Kiba.

Vixen weighs about 65 lbs now. She's stout, fluffy, so very smart, full of energy and has developed a serious attachment to my granddaughter. When any member of the family comes home or stops by to visit, she throws a fit until they tell her hello. She sleeps on top of the covers but has to snuggle against my back, usually sharing my pillow! She adapted to truck life really well but I'm tired of it and she has adapted even better to being home with the grandchildren.
We're still working on gentle. The 7 yr old boy, 5 yr old girl and 3 pound terrier mix have made gentle a priority now. She's getting it though...did I mention she's very smart? Driving a truck just didn't give me enough training time for a high content. We managed though, she finally figured out I'm more stubborn, hard-headed and willful than she is.
Thank you so much!! I appreciate your help and patience in bringing us together. I totally adore my baby.
I love this pic of two of our last pups (Juno and King’s) up in the high Sierras. Sage and Leo are 3 1/2 months old now. Thought I would share it with you.
Hope you are doing well! We wanted to send some recent pics of our baby. She is growing so fast and we think she is the most beautiful, "Wolf-Dog" in the world. Thank you for such a beautiful smart amazing little girl.

Sorry it has taken me so long to email. Saber arrived Friday & we have been enjoying every minute we can with him :) It seems he did great on his flights to get here & pick up was a breeze. Attached are a couple of pictures if you'd like them or want to share them with the breeder. We have re-named him Savage. The first couple of days he was here it rained most of the day & Sunday we got some snow which he loved playing in :) Right now it is just him, my husband, 3 horses & myself but we will be looking for a playmate for him sometime in the next couple of months once we get him trained & neutered. Please keep sending the wonderful weekly updates of what you have available so we can keep looking. I agree things work out for a reason. We couldn't be happier with him!

We have an appointment with our vet on Monday 5/18 for his next round of shots. The vet asked if they could get the exact date or dates of previous shots & what was given just to make sure we progress forward & don't miss anything? Could you please ask the breeder & let me know?

I'll try to remember to send some more pic updates in a few weeks if you'd like.

Thank you again for everything,

My Tao was at camp swimming and this picture was taken during his play. I thought you would like to see it. Tao and Halo are 5 years old now and the most amazing animals! They are registered therapy dogs and go to assisted living facilities, childrens orphanages and the cancer hospitals 5 days a week. They are truly loved by all! Thank you for breeding such incredible wolves!

Savage ( formerly Saber ) From Our NC Breeder
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2 years old now!!!! They are our world. Thought you might like to see how they are doing.
Hi there,

Just giving you an update on our puppy we received from your website. His name was Teeko on your site but we changed it to Ghost, after one of the dire wolves on Game of Thrones (not sure if you've watched the show or read the books). I've attached some updated pictures of him to this email for you. We are so happy he is home with us! He is such a sweet puppy, always wanting to be in our laps or snuggling with us in our bed. He already knows how to sit, give both paws, give high-5's, lie down, stand up, and we are working on getting him to speak on command (although he is very quiet to begin with and rarely barks or howls). He loves to play with kids and other dogs, he even rolls over onto his back when he meets another dog so that they can sniff him and check him out before they start playing. We are so thankful for what you do and we really appreciate everything that you and the breeder have done for us and our little babe. In the future I'd like to get him into a training program for service dogs as he is so attentive and there have been times where I will fake a whine or whimper just to see what he will do and he always runs over to me and puts his paws around my neck as if he is giving me a hug and just stays with me until he figures out that I am ok haha. Thanks again for helping us meet our new family member, and when we are ready for another wolf pup we will surely be contacting you :)
Thank you. I bought my current dog, Yeti, from u 2 years ago from your Utah breeder and he is the sweetest most wonderful dog I have ever had! (Pictures attached)