We purchased a pup from bonitas litter last year. We named her Lane. She is awesome. We had her potty trained within the first week and doing commands very shortly after. At the time we got her we had 2 other dogs and she just fit right in. I have a smaller male from nc and they bonded instantly. We hardly ever seem them apart. Lane was a big talker. Every morning she greated us wth her talking. She howled at sounds we couldnt even here. At the time these pictures were taken she was up to 65lbs. She never missed a meal. Also when it came to rawhide bones she would take one to hide then come back for one to eat now. My kids love her. They call her the kissing girl. They couldnt play wth her with out getting licked all over but they didnt care. If you are considering buying from this litter i think you will be very pleased. Thank you so much for giving us so much love. Michele
Hello. These are photos of Beautiful America (aka Alaska) and Blue Parti (aka Scout). They were taken here at home in NH during our snowstorm this morning. They are 8 months old now :) We are so happy with them. Each has their own distinct personality! Alaska is an obsessive compulsive kisser! And Scout is a big baby. They are always together and even share a kennel at night! The two of them love our other pup CinnaBella and I am absolutely amazed at their instinctive pack ability to bring her down during play... Lol... One on the throat and the other on a hind leg... From day one they did this! They give her a run for her money, I'm glad she is young!
Thanks again. I recommend you to everyone who admires the pups! Oh yeah and Scout won first place this weekend at a cardboard dogsled fundraiser contest! That's him wearing his metal!
Hello! If you could forward this to Laura at Blue Moon I would really appreciate it =) You're welcome to read it too. You have a wonderful site and I'm so glad I found it!!
Laura, I just wanted to thank you so much for this amazing dog! Loki is turning one today and I can't believe how fast he has grown! He is such a beautiful and smart pup, sometimes he's too smart for his own good.. Haha but I am so glad I was able to bring him into my life! He is the best hiking buddie I could ever ask for. He absolutely loves running through forests and exploring, especially if there is snow! Hah but he always follows wherever I go and never goes too far. I also joined a facebook group called Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle, and we all get together once a month at a dog park with all our big snow dogs! It is so much fun and Loki absolutely loves it!! It is really funny too, because you can always tell which dogs are wolf hybrids because they always stick together and play with eachother more than any of the other dogs! It's so cool to see. I actually met someone at one of these meets that got a pup from you about 6 months before I got Loki! It was such an awesome coincidence. Loki and I are going to be moving into the mountains at the begining of the summer. He absolutely loves the mountains, and we have a national park practically right in our backyard so we'll have an infinate playground! We'll have so much fun!
The first picture is the one you had up when I bought him =) The second is of him tunneling through the snow, he pretty much does it non stop in fresh powder haha He also loves giving High Fives. He does it to show affection and when he gets really excited, which can sometimes turn into an unexpected paw punch..! Haha Loki also Loves camping! He turns into a completely different dog when he's in the mountains, and it's the best change I could ask for! He becomes even more obediant and mellow. One of the most adorable things is when he tries to hide his toys and bones in my bean bags and pillows! He'll try digging in the bean bags, then puts the toy in the "hole" hah and then tries to cover it back up by pushing the rest of the bag and the pillows over top of it with his nose. It usually doesn't work and he just gives up, but it is so funny to watch! Haha
Loki is the best dog I could've asked for, in every way. Thank you again, So so much for this great dog. I would recomend you to anyone.
~Laura K
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Here is "Tala." She knows the words to "sit," "drop," "come" and "no bite!"
She is loved soooooooooo much by all of us.
Koda (formerly "Willow"), whom we also purchased through your agency loves her as well and is our angel.
With gratitude,
Susan & Dan
Hi! Just wanted to update you! We Alex & I adopted 'Summit' the same liter as 'Phantom,' from Nevada about 4 months ago. Here is an update of our love light. He is the best pup ever. Came house trained, literally perfect in all areas. Thank you for our son!!!
A quick note to update you on our little gift from God!

She is the most magnificent animal we have ever seen.......She is truly the love of our lives. She is intelligent and very strong willed. But she loves her pack with everything she has. We couldn't imagine our lives without her. She lets you know when she is upset mostly if she is left home alone. It usually manifests itself as a destroyed shoe, shredded book, or unusable article of clothing, maybe even a toilet paper roll totally unravelled. But just as she has her devious moments she also has her loving precious moments. She routinely lays with me while I sit on the floor in front of a mirror putting on my makeup, and gently rests her head in my lap. She will gladly allow her teeth to be brushed when I am brushing mine, and when she buries her head between you and the cushions on the chair your sitting in, you know for sure she is showing love! She could not love her partner in crime, Gunner our Lab, more! They are inseparable,and although she uses our smallest dog Vanna (1/2 Chihuahua 1/2 Maltese) as a chew toy, she loves her too and has never hurt her. All three have a truly unique bond that is amazing to watch.

We have truly been blessed with Maliah in our lives and she has changed not only my husband and I, but our three daughters as well. And trust me when I say it's been for the better. Patience, unconditional love, and companionship beyond measure are just a few of the dynamics at work and we are cherishing every moment!!! Thank You!
Hello I thought I would send along another picture of our girl all grown up. She is an amazing animal. She comes to work with me every day in a retail environment ( Rv Dealer) she is great with people and amazing with kids. When they come she follows them around and lays on the floor waiting to be pet. We also have two cats which she gets along with great. At work and at home we installed electric fencing (5 acres at work and 3 at home) we trained in one day on it. She doesn’t even think of crossing the line. Skylar was born on 10/10/10 and is very healthy and very very smart. Here are some pictures of her and her mother, it is amazing they definitely have some of the same markings and looks. We couldn’t be happier with her and maybe are looking to get another Hydrid as she is a total pack animal. - Jason
Hi all,

Just wanted to give an update on Copper from Utah or now Koda. He has been growing very fast and is enjoying his new home. He loves to play with our other dogs as well as the cat. He is very friendly and loveable but very shy and timid around new people.
Yesterday my friends, family and I, were on a walk and I was looking at old pictures of him and forgot that he was a Cooper color henceforth the name. Since then he has changed and I think he looks like his mother? His eye hasn't fully changed and I am unsure that it will, there has been no changes to it yet.
I hope all is well and wish you all a happy July 4th!!
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