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Gorgeous Raven from Our FL Breeder. A Licensed Service Animal
This is Raven,Phoenix and Sparrow. The three loves of my life:) Some can't even find one but you helped me with three lol. These guys are my heart and soul and I considered myself blessed everyday to have them. They are so funny and have so much life and spirit! What great personalities and looks to boot;) They absolutely love other people and dogs big and small. They are very gentle and extremely intelligent. The three of them are very close and love to spend their time doing everything together and with us. A well balanced pack :)

If it wasn't for you and your patience ,time,kindness and caring this blessing never would have happened so thank you for all you have done. I have come to also think we have gained a great friend over the years as well :) so keep up the good work! Thanks again,cheers!!

Nicole , Raven , Phoenix and Sparrow
My husband and I purchased Maya aka Cheyenne from your breeder in Utah, Lauralee D., this past December.
Just a quick note to tell you how AWESOME she is!!! We started training/socializing her as soon as we received her and she has blossomed in to the most amazing companion. She goes everywhere with us, and is especially fond of snow shoeing/hiking expeditions into the back-country and woods. Maya LOVES playing with other large breed dogs. We have tons of arctic breed dogs around here, and even a few other wolf hybrids. It is great fun to watch them play together.

Thank You Thank You Thank You for the most dear animal in the world!!!!!!!!!

Whistler, Canada
Hi!!! This is a current pic of Tyson! He's so awesome.. 25 Pds now! One question .. Sorry forgot when it is ok to give him the rabies shot.. Is 16 weeks ok? Thx so much. We love him so much. He is such a smart, fun dog... Took Him on our boat this weekend And he loved it :)
This is a wonderful puppy. Smart, loyal and easy going. Already responding well to training and is eager to please.
The only problem I am having with him is that I can't take him anywhere without him being attacked by people wanting to pet and hold him. In the winter I run an outdoor ice skating rink and I made the mistake of bringing him there during a birthday party for a 12 year old girl. Her and 15 of her friends went wild on the poor little guy.
Agouti Blue Eyed From Our NC Breeder

Hey! I just wanted to update you guys on a puppy I purchased from the Utah Breeder. Hunter is now 2 years old and competes at a National and World-Wide level. He competes in mondioring, agility, competitive obedience, barn hunt, and weight pulling currently and will add dock dogs coming soon. He is incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and a great cuddler in the winter! Oh and did I mention that he is also a doggie model (literally) and made his very first appearance on the COVER of Underwater Puppies at 6 weeks old!!

See attached pictures please :)
I had purchased Achilles in May 2012 and wanted to update you on his progress! He is growing into such a beautiful dog with his colors constantly changing. His last visit at the vet was on August 2, 2012 and he weighed 34.5 pounds, but he has definitely gained a few more pounds since then! Achilles is an excellent dog and I can't wait to see him full grown. Everywhere I take him, he is adored and spoiled. Thanks for breeding such an awesome pup!

Take care,

I wanted to give up an update on Koda, he is 1 1/2 years old now and 80 pounds, the best decision I ever made was purchasing him from your organization and Laura at Blue Moon. He is one of Revenge’s “Blue” pups, and has the sweetest personality. His best feature, besides his looks of course, is his calm demeanor, even as a puppy he was calm. He is extremely smart, loves children, and is a huge part of the family , definitely a “mommas boy” and he knows it. Koda loves to go on walks, and is my running/hiking companion. He does prefer to be outside, but will come into the house on his terms for about 30 minutes at a time for one-on-one time. He can’t get enough of water, whether it is summer or winter , he is always in his pool. He gets along well with other dogs, tolerates the cats, and plays with the horses. He has made a den under the house that he spends most of his time in on hotter days. I dump water down his den in the mornings so it is nice and cool for him throughout the day, yes he is very spoiled. He is a looker, he gets many compliments about his appearance and behavior. Words can not tell you how much he means to me. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful animals. I have attached pictures so you can see how beautiful he is.

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