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I bought him from Blue Moon in the end of February ! He's the best dog I've ever had, he has a wonderful disposition ! He is my best friend ! Plus ! He was very easy to train! Originally his name was Hunter, I bought him from blue moon! Best buddy I've ever had=)
Aloha from the island of Kauai'! I am just updating you on the puppy I got from you about 2 yrs. ago. Her name then was Diabla and I changed it to Meka. I just wanted to let you know she is doing great. She has been a major joy in my life and I spoil her rotten. About a year ago she earned her certification to be a Wilderness air scenting search and rescue dog. We both passed the tests and are now part of the Kauai' Search and Rescue Team. She has 2 speeds, full blast and stop. i try and keep up but she leaves me in the dust. She is a great dog and I thank you. If you ever have questions or some one from Hawaii wants to get a dog feel free to contact me and I can tell them how the quarantine works. I went and saw and trained Meka every day. They have a huge work area and you can use it for as long as you want. So she breezed through with out a problem and the Humane Society is her second home. She loves to go there and play with the other dogs. I will send you a picture in another e mail. She is beautiful! Aloha George and Meka the wonder dog!
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I love having Calvin and he is such a sweetheart!
kind Regards,
This is what Rouge looks like in Aspen Colorado . She is sooo sweet . We love her . Thank you Jeanne
I just wanted to say thanks for giving us the most wonderful dog ever. We have named her Tsuki which means 'moon' in Japanese; after the name you gave her and the name of the breeders. She is about 16 weeks old now and is an absolute joy to have around. She loves people and loves to snuggle. She has been in a puppy class for 3 weeks now and is having a blast. The agility training seems to be her favorite and she performs very well on every obstacle. Simple commands like 'sit' and 'down' took only a day to learn which was very impressive. She was extremely healthy and well taken care of when we got her from you so thanks for that too. Please enjoy these pictures of her which I have attached.
Thank you,
Hi- here are pictures of Nikki the pup we got from your site. She is at my office (on conference table) helping me work. Just love her... I read your web page and want you to know how grateful we are for you site!
My name is Yazmin and I live in Valle de Bravo, a beautiful town in the forest one hundred miles from Mexico City.
I have 3 wolf dogs that I bought thru wolfhuskypups.My first WD is "Charm" a black female with beautiful yellow eyes. Charm is mid content but she is very "wolfy" she is very shy, not social and really escapist. It has been difficult as a first owner to have her but I have worked a lot with her trying to get her confidence, I spend lots of time with charm and I finally made a bond with her. It took me a lot of time but now she can come with out a leash to mountain bike, horse ridding or to the forest for a hiking. It is strange because Charm does not like people but she is really nice with the kids!! Kids do not have trouble to get close to her. Charm is the most intelligent and agile of all my dogs and WD. My second WD is "Astro" an augouti high content male. Astro is a sweet heart!! He is social, he does not scape, he is always with out a leash and comes with me to the mountain. He is high content, but he is a very easy one! I am very lucky to have him!! He is very large and beautiful and everybody loves him!! He is always close to me, he really enjoys my company!
Everywhere I take Astro, people ask about him. My third WD is a blue baby female. I am impressed in the beauty of this female. The blue puppies are the most beautiful."Kyra" is social, sweet and really intelligent! I am sure she would be a great adult WD. WD are great, beautiful, more intelligent than a dog and very agile. They are special, and you need to have time, space and a big commitment if you are thinking in having one.
I am really happy and I love a lot of my WDs!!
Hello there,
I just visited your site and noticed you will be changing your focus away from puppies. Iím sorry to hear this, but understand your reasoning and wish you the greatest of luck moving forward.I also wanted to say thank you for your services! I purchased a husky/malamute hybrid from your Utah breeder six years ago. I absolutely love my girl and she is a wonderfully balanced and affectionate companion. I very appreciate the service you offered and am forever grateful that it led me to my little girl.Take good care.
Love & light,