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I would like to announce that after Fall 2017, this site will no longer offer puppies for sale. I was set to remove the puppies for sale part of this site in late Summer but I am under contract to list 2 co-owned litters and those litters will not be born until Fall. Until then I will list puppies for sale from qualified, responsible breeders all over the United States. These breeders must abide by my listed rules in order to sell puppies on this website. All puppies sold here come with a health guarantee, first shots and more.

I do want to thank all of the people that have emailed me in response to my below letter. I have really felt all the love especially from those who have purchased from me. I have received so many letters telling me how sad they are that I am going to stop selling puppies. Many have said they couldnt imagine their lives without the pup they got from my site. I want you all to know that I have heard you and it does warm my heart to know I have made so many people happy over the years. Thank you all very much.
There are a few reasons for stopping puppy sales here. Unfortunately my health has declined and I am in all honesty tired of problems. I started this site because I truly love wolf dogs and I wanted to share them with the world. I have done my best to encourage responsible breeding but unfortunately there are so many irresponsible breeders out there. They have no rules or requirements and now there are wolf dogs suffering because of it. I have decided to change this site once my current obligations to the buyers and responsible breeders are finished. After this I will focus on helping rescue adult wolf dogs and no longer offer puppies for sale on this site. I will also be posing a "BAD BREEDER" list. I havent wanted to get into a online war with these people in the past but soon I can focus on telling the world everything I know about certain breeders who have been forever banned from this site. If you are one of those, I suggest you either get out of the breeding business now or quickly change how you are doing things.

I also want it to be known that even though I have tried to do everything right, I have had to defend this website with all that I have from breeder haters, wolf haters, wolf dog groups, misinformed people and a few bad breeders. It has taken a toll on me to the point where I would rather change it than to continue to offer puppies for sale beyond 2017. I would like anyone taking the time to visit this site to know the facts. I have spent well over a decade working on this website. I love Wolf Dogs and I wanted to share them with everyone. I have made countless families happy. But the actions of others have done their very best to ruin my sites reputation. It seems that no matter how many thousands of people that have had wonderful experiences with my sites, people will always choose to listen to a very few negative remarks. Even if the posted claims are greatly exaggerated or outright untrue.

I am a honest person and I will not say I have never had any issues. It would be a miracle to not have any issues in this many years, selling puppies for this many breeders. Unfortunately with live animals things can happen. Puppies like people can get sick and yes in the past 12 years I have had breeders who have tragically had a couple puppies pass away. I have also had breeders get sick or have family situations which prevented them from being available to send pictures and updates weekly as required in my contract with them. The problem is when things have gone wrong a very small number of buyers have jumped to conclusions instead of giving me a chance to fix the situation. I personally offer a health guarantee on any puppy I list on this website. If something ever did happen prior to the buyer receiving the puppy I would offer a replacement. And if there was anything genetically wrong with the puppy after going to his or her new home my health guarantee covers that as well.

I only allow responsible breeders on my sites and I have banned some for not doing things right. I take this very serious. I have eliminated all the ones that ever had any reported issues. No other pet advertising site screens the breeders and offers health guarantees on every puppy listed. No other pet advertising site will personally take back any animal sold if needed. I am not perfect but I really do my best to go above and beyond. I feel that for each puppy I sell I am responsible for his or her life. Of coarse I have had unhappy buyers. Any business has, especially from people not understanding how much work a puppy can be. Everyone loves the idea of getting a puppy but then the actual work of owning one can come as a shock. I have had this happen more than once. I have been blamed for buyers unhappiness in dealing with a new puppy. Even in those cases I always do my best to make things right, but sometimes there are people who are unreasonable and no matter what will not be satisfied. I have had people expect both refunds and to keep the puppy. I have had people cancel the purchase and expect a full refunds after holding puppies for weeks making it so we have to discount the animal to find a home quicker. I always offer to work with people because I do not ever want a puppy where it's not wanted. The problems come in because I do ask people to take some responsibility when they change their minds. The application is very clear on what is expected from buyers but sadly sometimes people think it doesn't apply to them. I do my very best to answer all questions and make sure buyers are prepared BEFORE purchasing.

I have read the handful of bad reviews and I am enraged because the same site that hosts these supposed reviews emails me on a monthly basis telling me for $200 a month they will take them down. It's extortion especially when they are false or greatly exaggerated. When reading any review take the following into consideration. We have made more families than we can count happy. When the buyers actually read thru our site, know our requirements and are actually fully prepared for the work a puppy brings then everything works out great. And all of the breeders listed on this site prefer cash in person. That way you are seeing the animal in which you are purchasing. So whenever possible, go in person, see the pups and parents. Fall in love.

The last thing I would like to address is the people who claim to know it all when it comes to wolf dogs. They LOVE to post about what they think to be true. I have been around wolf dogs for most of my life and even I do not claim to be an expert. There are people who no nothing about genetics yet will claim to speak facts. Common sense is anytime you have a mix of any animal you can have features from either or both sides. I have seen it all. Low contents that look high, high contents that look mostly dog, mid contents where one looks high and another in same litter that looks pure dog. It happens. A lot. In mixes there is no exact. Even in purebreds you can have variety so how can anyone claim that a mix should look or act a certain way. I encourage everyone interested in a wolf dog puppy to read our Wolf Dog Myths page. I also ask that you read our Questions & Answers pages. I have spent most of my life gathering this information and I stand behind everything I say and every puppy I list on this website. I do not or will not "scam" anyone. I listen to what you want, and I will try my best to get you exactly that. Almost all my buyers come back for a second or third puppy.

To all buyers with deposits on current puppies or upcoming litters you will receive your selected puppy. Any new buyer wanting a puppy will be able to apply for any available puppy or upcoming litter until Summer of 2017. Because this site gets a huge amount of hits per day, once I stop listing puppies for sale, the site will remain up and change into a not for profit rescue site. At that point I will list any wolf dog that needs a home. And I will continue to provide support for any puppy I have ever sold for the life of the animal.

If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, email or use the live chat on this website. I would be happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day.
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