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I want to personally thank everyone for making us the worlds NUMBER 1 Wolf Dog site. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful and intelligent puppies feel free to contact us anytime. We have some amazing puppies available and ready right now. All of our puppies come with a health guarantee, first shots and more.

I would like to announce that after much thought and deliberation I have decided that I will continue to list for a very small group of breeders who are responsible and trustworthy. I had intended on stopping all puppy sales on this website but the realization is that some people will still want puppies, not adults or rescues. These families will find a puppy one way or another and I would rather show them good breeders that they can trust rather than have them end up with one of the many bad ones that I personally know exist.

I do want to thank all of the people that have emailed me recently. I have really felt all the love especially from those who have purchased from me. I had received so many letters telling me how sad they were that I was going to stop selling puppies. Many have said they couldn't imagine their lives without the pup they got from my site. I want you all to know that I have heard you and it does warm my heart to know I have made so many people happy over the years. Thank you all very much. You all mean the world to me and I am so happy I helped with bringing your pup home. I will be posting more on my buyer letter pages.
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Even though I will still list some puppies, I also want to focus on helping any animal that needs rescue. I have started a new site specifically for this and I will also be adding to this site a section just for helping animals in need. As many of you know I have been having health problems. Lately I feel like I have been given a second chance at life. I want to do as much good as I possibly can. My calling has always been animals so I feel that is where I am needed. I know there will be people that say I am part of the problem as long as I offer puppies for sale but I am a realist that knows if someone wants something specific they will get it. And I do not want to risk anyone going thru what I know can happen with some of these bad breeders out there. So I will help all those wanting the very best in wolf dog puppies as well as I will help all animals who need new homes.

I feel a strong need to protect buyers from some breeders out there that I know for a fact do things very wrong. Some of these breeders were listed on my site at one time. My site still suffers from their actions because when someone posts a negative review even when the problem is fixed the review cannot be undone. I am fully aware of problems in the past. I make sure nothing like that ever happens again and try to keep people from dealing with certain breeders that care nothing about the buyer or the animals. I also have to let everyone know that there are lies posted about this website. A lot of people do not like me. The breeder haters, wolf haters, wolf dog groups, misinformed people and a few bad breeders who I banned all would love to see this site shut down. There are even people who never purchased from this site have doing their very best to ruin my sites reputation by posting lies. I have no problem admitting that there were some issues in the past and those breeders have all been banned from my site but the truth also needs to be heard about those false reports. And it needs to be known that I have always been ready and willing to fix any problem as long as the buyer was willing to work with me.

To prevent any issues in the future my breeder screening has become a lot more strict. I will only allow responsible breeders on my sites and I have many rules they must follow to list their puppies with me. I take this very serious. I have eliminated all the ones that ever had any reported issues. No other pet advertising site screens the breeders and offers health guarantees on every puppy listed. No other pet advertising site will personally take back any animal sold if needed. I am not perfect but I really do my best to go above and beyond. I feel that for each puppy I sell I am responsible for his or her life. I do my very best to answer all questions and make sure buyers are prepared BEFORE purchasing. I want people to know puppy raising is hard. I want people to think long and hard before bringing a baby home. It will not be easy at all especially for the first couple months. But if you are prepared raising a puppy can be one of the best experiences in life. Since I will only be allowing a very select few breeders on this site there may be a waiting list for certain colors, coats or rare crosses. It is much better to wait for quality and know you are getting the very best than to go with any breeder who might be selling you a lesser animals with health or temperament issues.

Thank you very much for reading this in full. I ask that you please read all of our information pages. I have spent years gathering useful information for any prospective wolf dog buyer. If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, email or use the live chat on this website. I would be happy to help. Take care.