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A animal that I love who belongs to a family member is suffering from heart failure. We believe it is due to the food she has been fed. It is being widely publicized that the major dog foods including some of the most expensive are being linked to heart disease and other conditions. This is unacceptable. After much research I have partnered with a company I believe in. They only use human grade ingredients. All products are made in the United States. Everything they do is based on the love of animals. Their high protein foods are perfect for high energy breeds. The highest quality ingredients will help animals reach their full size potential and keep them healthy. For any one of our buyers I will offer adoption credit to anyone who signs up for reoccurring monthly delivery of food and toys. This shows me you are truly invested in the health and happiness of your animals so I would gladly give adoption discounts to anyone who signs up for either monthly shipments or for those willing to become a salesperson of this brand. Offer is only good if you use my personal link. Contact me if you are unsure. In full disclosure I have signed up to represent this company because in doing so I can get my own animals this amazing high quality food at a discount or even free. Anyone who knows me knows I have not endorsed a product publicly until now because I never believed in one like I do this one. I have had many offers over the years to list products and I have always declined. I trust this company with my animals lives. You should too.
Its time we stop killing our beloved pets.
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