Hello and thank You for visiting! WHP was started many years ago by a Breeder who loved the wolfdogs so much She wanted to be able to offer Them to other Families looking for a beautiful and exotic pet. The original Breeder that started it all has retired but Her plan lives on and is bigger than ever. This website is a advertising place where hybrid Breeders and hybrid Buyers can find each other easily. We are unlike any other advertising site available. We stand behind any puppy listed here. We provide all buyers with a health guarantee as well as we offer live chat to help with any questions from any of our buyers or breeders. Also, the most important thing, if any of the breeders or buyers find themselves with an animal that they cannot keep for any reason, we will gladly help to re-home it. We care about every puppy, buyer and breeder we deal with. That's why we are the number 1 hybrid website.
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Kitt, words cannot describe Warlock! In my 30 years as a dog owner with several huskies/malamute pure or mixed, never seen a creature as beautiful, friendly and loveable as Warlock. Iíve properly trained and socialized him with humans, dogs and cats to ensure he keeps and improves his amazing temperament. Iíve also exercise him every day of the week without failure; in bad weather I use my treadmill. Like any other dog, they need a structured daily live along with plenty of exercise to avoid them acquiring not so pleasant personalities and start misbehaving. They are just like a very smart kid in a boring classroom; the only option is to misbehave to fill their idled time. Before I decided to get a wolfdog, I did extensive research to learn what I was getting into before I started seriously looking for a wolfdog. I wanted to ensure I could provide for the needs of the wolfdog based on my daily routines and life style. Thatís why I decided for a mid-content / malamute mix because they are not as active and I can handle the training and exercise required. When I started reading the previous buyersí letters, I noticed a lot of letters mentioning about the great temperament of the wolfdogs coming from the lines you have, so I was expecting something similar when I found out you were the breeder of the wolfdog I chose. To my delight heís much more than what I expected. Iíve never seen a dog as sweet, awesome temperament, smart and all around a complete ball of fun and love. We have fallen hard in love with Warlock and he has become a show stopper everywhere I take him. He has filled our home and lives with such love and fun that I did not think was possible from an animal. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to provide such awesome lines of wolfdog!!!

A recent letter to our Southern CA breeder:
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Please ask all questions prior to filling out the application. We are available daily via live chat. If the live chat is offline you can email admin@wolfhuskypups.com for a fast response.
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Arrow and Cherub two beautiful low content males