If you are not within driving distance of Las Vegas or you prefer to be involved in the entire process we do offer a commision based advertising service. For breeders this is your chance to get huge exposure for your high quality wolfdog pups without the advertising work or huge expense. This site comes up on the top of every major search engine and we pay large amounts of money each month to be on every major pet advertising site. Your gorgeous babies pictures and information will reach 1000s of prospective buyers daily. Our listing fee is added to your asking price, so nothing is due until your pup is sold. Your prospective buyers can see your puppies pictures and they can talk to someone live right on the page about them. Never miss a connection again because you were not available. You will also never spend all the time answering all the questions of people who are just looking, and those who really have no intention of buying. We answer questions and We screen prospective families for you. We only send approved buyers to you. We handle the application process so all you have to worry about is taking care of your babies and getting them the best start in life. We almost always have all puppies sold before 8 weeks of age. That way right when the baby is ready to leave their mom they already have a home waiting for them. We care about all breeders that list on our site. You and your puppies will be covered under the adoption application and/or buyer contract that all prospective buyers are required to sign. This helps to ensure your babies go to a good home. This site also helps teach your prospective buyers about puppy care and so much more. We are here to help the buyers with any questions they may have for the entire life of the pup. Most importantly, if the pup or adult ever needs to be rehomed we do it for the buyer. And your buyers are covered under our health guarantee. We take care of everyone involved. So, if you have beautiful, high quality puppies with great temperments and you want to give your babies and your buyers the best, list your litters with us. Save yourself time, money and a lot of stress by letting us do all the advertising work.

Unfortunately, we cannot list for all breeders. We do have high standards, and breeder policies that must be upheld. There are requirements to list your pups here. If you are interested in advertising your puppies on our sites please start with the application below labeled OPTION TWO.
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We now offer high quality wolf dog breeders two different options to sell their puppies with us.

First, if you are within driving distance of Las Vegas, NV we do offer to buy certain puppies. We offer this option because we have years of experience in training, socializing and selling wolf dog puppies. We can take entire litters once they are fully weaned from their mothers. We start them on training, we have them temperament and health tested and then once cleared by our Vet & Trainer we find them the very best homes. We screen all buyers and we can offer delivery nationwide. We have two very large and clean puppy areas set up that are full of everything a puppy needs. Both facilities offer indoor and outdoor areas for the puppies. We have a small staff to care for all of the babies individually making sure each one gets attention and love. This option is only open to those within a reasonable driving distance of Las Vegas. Up to 300 miles usually. Not all litters will qualify. We do pay cash but we are very picky about which puppies we will accept. And the parents of the puppies must be available for us or our buyers to meet if requested. If you have top quality wolf dog puppies that you would like us to purchase the first step would be the below application labeled OPTION ONE.