Purchasing a Puppy
Approved Application and payment are required to hold any available pup. Please do not apply until you are ready to purchase. Average prices from $1800 - $3000*. We offer discounts to repeat buyers as well as our followers on social media. Feel free to use Messenger to contact us anytime.
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* Prices listed are the pick up prices and do not include delivery or breeding rights if needed. Shipping, delivery & full rights all add to the fee. We reserve the right to change our listed prices at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.
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This website was started well over a decade ago because of the love of Wolf Dogs. We occasionally had puppies for sale but it was more about sharing the breed with the world and educating people on the true nature of these amazing animals. Over the years many breeders across the United States wanted to join us and for a long time we allowed them to list their puppies on our site. Unfortunately a lot of them ended up being very bad people. Sadly almost all of them are still breeding and doing things horribly wrong. Because of this we stopped allowing outside breeders to list their puppies on our website but we have found that will hurt those who will be looking for quality puppies after we stop breeding. So we have decided to find some very special people who are willing to work hard and do things the right way so that some of our best lines can continue. For breeders this is your chance to get huge exposure for your high quality wolfdog pups without the advertising work or huge expense. This site comes up on the top of every major search engine and we have spent almost 20 years advertising which has gained us a huge following. Almost 80% of our buyers return for a second or even a third puppy. By partnering with us your gorgeous babies will reach 1000s of prospective buyers daily. We almost always have all puppies sold long before 8 weeks of age. That way right when the baby is ready to leave their mom they already have a home waiting for them. We care about all buyers, babies and breeders that list on our site. You and your puppies will be covered under the adoption application and/or buyer contract that all prospective buyers are required to sign. This helps to ensure your babies go to a good home. This site also helps teach your prospective buyers about puppy care and so much more. We are here to help the buyers with any questions they may have for the entire life of the pup. Most importantly, if the pup or adult ever needs to be rehomed we will do it for the buyer. And your buyers are covered under our health guarantee. We take care of everyone involved. So, if you have beautiful, high quality puppies with great temperments and you want to give your babies and your buyers the best, list your litters with us. Save yourself time, money and a lot of stress by becoming partners with us.

Unfortunately, we cannot list for all breeders. We do have very high standards, and breeder policies that must be upheld. There are requirements to list your pups here. First we are looking for a few select people to carry on our lines. Due to health problems this is our final year of being able to breed but because the lines have been perfected we want them to continue and we want to be directly involved with listing them. A few people will be choosen to receive discounts on non related puppy pairs from the best of the best parents. For those who already have their own lines we will consider adding them to our partnership program but there are several requirements. DNA tests that include content, mix and clear the parents of genetic disease will be required. If you do not have these you must be willing to get them. Also we require the breeder to have no more than 6 breedable animals as we will not ever partner with any puppy mills. Any interested breeder must be willing to have us tour their set up or if they are not within driving distance be willing to provide us with pictures of the yard, the nursery and any areas where the animals are kept for long periods of time. Any interested breeder must be willing to record the birth of the puppies and take pictures as well as videos every couple days. We require the breeder to handle the puppies daily and properly socialize the puppies with children and other animals. We require a lot of work be put into the puppies and parents but you get comped for all of it plus you get to feel great knowing you put some truly amazing animals out there.