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Wolf Dog Myths
After hearing the same stories over and over again We decided to voice some of Our opinions here as well as present some facts. We belong to several so called wolf "clubs" and We also get many emails from people who have heard horror stories about wolf dog crosses. When We are contacted for information We always tell people to not believe everything they read. We recommend talking to several actual owners of wolf crosses. And even then its impossible to get the full story because of several factors. The first being You can never stereotype the "wolf dog" breed in its entirety. The reason for this is because so many breeds and species can be included in that category. A timber wolf malamute cross would be nothing like a pit bull arctic wolf cross. A Gray wolf Siberian husky cross would be nothing like a timber wolf Akita mix. Also as far as temperament goes, a loved and trained wolf cross would differ greatly from one left in the yard on a chain all day. Anyone who ever tries to classify the entire wolf dog species as one way or another should not be listened to.

Now, we don't claim to be experts of the entire wolf dog population. We cant tell you about some crosses, because We don't breed, sell or deal with anything but the ones We have personally found to be the best pets. We will not say the others are horrible, because then We would be just like those wolf dog haters that put all the wolf mix breeds under the label of dangerous. We can tell you the ones We offer on this site are beautiful, intelligent and can make the best pets with love and training.
The most common negative statement We hear is " That puppy has no wolf in it"

As stated earlier We belong to several wolf groups. We of coarse are there as owners of wolf dogs and not the owners of a this site. If they knew who we were we wouldn't be welcome. We hear everything about phenotypes, genetics, and We hear so much bashing of wolf dog breeders. Rarely do We feel the need to say anything because these are not experts talking, even those who claim to have facts show us they have no clue with their lame, outdated ideas and opinions. We cannot speak for breeders that do not list on this site, but for those who do they must know the lines of the animals they breed. They must have pictures, breeder info as well as comply with a list of rules to be on this site. While its not an exact science We do our best to ensure you are getting the mix and breed You are paying for. As far as those people who claim what is and what isn't a wolf cross just by its looks, I would like to offer these pictures of one of the lines We list for.
Mother (F3)

Grand Mother (F2)

Great Grand Mother (F1)

Great Great Grand Mother

If there is pink in the nose, it is not a wolf or wolf dog. This statement is FALSE

We have gotten hate mail from certain people claiming to know about wolves and wolf dogs stating that no wolves have pink in their noises. Below is a picture, taken at the Hogel zoo in Utah of a Gray wolf. This pure wolf has a very pink nose.
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I have been running this site for well over a decade and I take pride in the fact that while there has been some problems I have made countless families happy. Some of the bonds are so strong with my buyers I truly feel like they are family. However I will be the first to admit there were problems in the past. I allowed certain breeders to list puppies on my site and they ended up being horrible people. My sites reputation still suffers greatly from their actions because when someone posts a negative review even when the problem is fixed the review cannot be undone. I am fully aware of problems in the past. I now spend more time to make sure nothing like that ever happens again and try to keep people from dealing with certain breeders that care nothing about the buyer or the animals. I also have to let everyone know that there are lies posted about this website. A lot of people do not like me. The breeder haters, wolf haters, wolf dog groups, misinformed people and a few bad breeders who I banned all would love to see this site shut down. I have no problem admitting that there were some issues in the past and those breeders have all been banned from my site. And it needs to be known that I have always been ready and willing to fix any problem as long as the buyer was willing to work with me.

My breeder screening has become a lot more strict. No other pet advertising site screens the breeders and offers health guarantees on every puppy listed. No other pet advertising site will personally take back any animal sold if needed. I am not perfect but I really do my best to go above and beyond. I feel that for each puppy I sell I am responsible for his or her life. I do my very best to answer all questions and make sure buyers are prepared BEFORE purchasing. I want people to know puppy raising is hard. I want people to think long and hard before bringing a baby home. It will not be easy at all especially for the first couple months. But if you are prepared raising a puppy can be one of the best experiences in life. Since I will only be allowing a very select few breeders on this site there may be a waiting list for certain colors, coats or rare crosses. It is much better to wait for quality and know you are getting the very best than to go with any breeder who might be selling you a lesser animals with health or temperament issues.

Thank you very much for reading this in full. I ask that if you are considering bring a puppy home please read all of our information pages. I have spent years gathering useful information for any prospective wolf dog buyer. If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, email or use the live chat on this website. I would be happy to help.

I also have COUNTLESS references of people who purchased a pup from this site and who were very happy. Many come back for a brother or sister pup, some have even came back for a third. We even have one buyer who has a ranch who has 5 wolf dogs from this site. 5 seperate litters.
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There are bad reviews on this site, Should buyers be worried about buying here?

Another example. Mom looks and acts pure wolf. Pup looks husky. Do not believe what the people say about what a wolf dog should or should not look like. Anytime you have a mix the result can take after either side. Sometimes looking like grand parents or even great grand parents.