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What is content and how is content determined?

Content in the case of hybrids refers to the amount of wolf in the animal. This site recommends low and mid content hybrids as family pets. Generally pure and super high contents do not make good pets at all. Occasionally we make exceptions and list highs for certain breeders but we will advise their prospective owners that these wolves are not usually good in the house, can be very shy and are not very tractable.

We have had people make claims against this site saying We misrepresent the animals we sell but that is simply not true. We never claim to sell pure wolves, in fact when people want to purchase a pure or super high content We do our best to talk them out of it knowing they are not good family pets. Watch out for the breeders who claim to have highs or even pures that act like regular dogs. Anyone who would tell you a high or pure would make a good family pet is either not selling true highs are completely lying. Anyone who has owned a real one will tell you they are not easy to raise, nor are they for the average persons lifestyle.
Even if you dont purchase from this site, do yourself a favor and look for a lower or mid content . Always try to pick up the pup in person and meet the parents. If that is not possible, request pictures of each parent and background information. For a family pet look for a minimum F3 hybrid. That puts the closest pure wolf relative enough generations back to where Your pet will be more of a domesticated pet than a wild animal. Remember, You can still get gorgeous wolfy features, intense personalities and extreme intelligence in a completely domesticated hybrid thats going to be great with your family.
Why are the puppies on this site so expensive?
You most definately can find cheaper pets. They are everywhere. The thing is You get what You pay for. The breeders on this site do things the right way. First, the breeding parents are selected very carefully, only after passing both temperment and health testing. These specially selected animals are very expensive since only the very best should ever be bred. The dam and sire are well cared for and not bred before maturity. The actual breeding is a planned event between the selected parents. The breeding is supervised and controlled. The prospective parents are protected from injury. The mother is indoors and fed only the highest quality food. Her pups are born inside the home with the family. They are handled everyday, hours per day, by adults and children. The linens are changed several times a day to keep the puppies clean and healthy. The puppies know love from the minute they are born. All of the listed breeders must socialize them properly, most of them even have a small dog or cat that the pups are raise with to further expand their social skills. All of the pups get at least their first shots and dewormings with their breeders. The prices are set to reimburse some of the breeders costs, time and advertising fees. When you add up what they spend doing it the right way, the puppy prices still dont cover it all. Most all of them do it because they trully love the breed and are so happy to share that with other families.
Are the prices posted firm or do you accept lower offers?

For the most part the price listed is the set price, however, Your always welcome to contact the Breeder with a reasonable offer. Sometimes if a pup is ready to go The price will be lowered, but please do not contact any of Us with low ball offers or email Us asking for a Free Puppy. In all honesty We are an advertising service. The breeders put a lot of work and money into these animals. You wouldnt ask your local stores for free stuff, Dont ask us. If You do not have the money for a pup from this site, think about going to the Animal Control and saving a life.
Whats the best collar for my dog?

Standard collars arent the best for big working breed animals. No pull harnesses do the best for walking, or if you plan on teaching your pet to weight or sled pull purchase a harness special made for the sport. If You are unable to control Your Animal on a regular harness and lead, talk to a Trainer and determine what would work best for You.
What is a Wolamute and whats the difference between a wolamute and a wolf husky?

Wolamutes are usually timber wolf / Alaskan Malamute crosses. They are quickly becoming their own breed because it is well known that in addition to being beautiful these hybrids are healthier, live longer and are much smarter. In general Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes have similar traits but also differ in certain areas. The Alaskan Malamute mix tends to be much bigger than the Siberian Husky cross. The Siberian Husky tends to be very active, and They are sometimes hard to keep weight on because of their metobolism. While Alaskan Malamutes are considered a working breed they can be just as happy laying at your feet all day relaxing. The Siberian Husky mix in most cases isnt happy just relaxing, They are great for active people looking for running partners.
I want to buy a Puppy on the site, but I was in a wolf chat group and they said it looks like a malamute, is it?

Anytime You mix dog and wolf You can get looks resembling either side. We have advertised litters with siblings that look nothing alike. some looking wolf, some looking dog, some having features from both. This is true for any mix of any animal. We have been in debates with certain " wolf forums" who see a certain puppy on our site and call it a no or a low content, but then have the same people see a full sibling and say it looks to be a mid content. There is always someone who thinks they know it all. We dont claim to know it all but We can say We have been around low, mids, highs and even a couple pure wolves and We have seen what can be produced when wolf and dog are mixed. The truth is the offspring can look like either side or a little of both. We show it on our site all the time. All We can say is the next time you read someone claiming to know the content of a animal just by looking at it, ask them to show you pictures of the puppies they had from when they personally bred a wolf to a malamute or husky. Chances are they wont have any because if they had ever had a hybrid litter they would know there is no set look ever guaranteed.
I have heard that Wolf Hybrids and Siberian Huskies will run away any chance They get, is that true?

That can definately be true, but there are ways to stop it from happening. Any of The Purebred Malamutes, Huskies and Low to Mid Content Hybrids We have raised from Pups can be trusted off leash. Unfortunately some We have gotten as Adults who are already set in Their ways, cannot be off leash anywhere but in a fenced area. Unfixed hybrids, as well as most unfixed dogs, will tend to roam more. Fixing your animals, especially males can greatly reduce your pets urge to run away. Another big training tip is to, at a very young age, take your puppy to a secure area and allow hime or her off leash. Call them back to you, and when they come reward them. Do this over and over again. The secret is if your Puppy is so used to being allowed off leash, and being rewarded when They listen to You, its not such a big deal to be free. Its the dogs that spend their lives on a chain or in a kennel that long for freedom and will take it any chance it gets. This does not apply to high contents. Unfortunately most of Them do need special confinement because They will feel the urge to patrol their territory, which in the wild is miles .
My husband and I found a dog, We think she is part wolf, can you look at her and tell Us if she is?

Of coarse in the case of a really high content, You will likely be able to tell if Animal is wolf or not. Not only by looks, but in most cases High Contents are Shy, dont listen well, They dont do well indoors and some mark territory with waste in addition to urine. In the case of a Mid, there are sometimes Wolf traits You Yourself can look for that might be mixed in with Dog traits. In the case of Lows it can go either way, there might be wolfy behavior but its more rare, there might be wolfy traits. Unfortunately in most cases We cannot help You determining what Your animal is without knowing the Animal, knowing the Breeder, and knowing the Parents. There are tests now available over the counter that claim to tell you the animals make up. Unfortunately those cheap tests are not able to test for wolf blood. I have been told of actual research facilities that can, but I have heard mixed stories as to the cost and availibility.
Are wolfdogs good around children?

ANY animal can be dangerous around young children. This is especially true when it comes to large animals. We have never had any problems but we also would never recommend leaving any child alone with any of the large dogs, hybrid or not. This is not because of fear of aggresion but It is because We know a large animal can unitentionally hurt a child just by trying to play with them.

If you have very young children at home, never leave your child unattended with any animal. Every animal has the potential to hurt a child. This is true for dogs, cats, reptiles and more. Animals do live by instinct and even the sweetest family pet can make a tragic mistake that would be considered completely natural to him or her.

Children also need to be taught that animals are not toys. They need to be respected and handled properly. Do not let your children think that all dogs are friendly. Do not let them walk up to strange animals. Teach your children that strange animals are just like human strangers, not to be associated with unless the owner allows and seems comfortable with interaction.
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I dont live near one of the listed breeders, can I still get a puppy?

Yes. We have flown puppies all over the world. There is an extra charge for flights & deliveries,.
My dog will not stop digging holes. What do you recommend I do?

We are sad to report that over 83% of dogs are diggers. Things that spark the behavior are If They hear or smell anything in the ground, they will try to go after it or if you are overfeeding Them, They will sometimes bury excess food and treats. There are sprays and other deterants You can purchase. Those work for some. If you have tried the over the counter methods with no results, You can also have a designated hole. Dig it fairly deep and wide, bury treats and toys in it to encourage Your dog to endulge his bad habbit there. If you catch him or her starting a new hole, scold them and take them back to their acceptable area. Make sure you fill in any holes you dont want them to work on, because a started hole must be finished in their eyes :)
We purchased from this site years ago, do we get a discount on a new pup purchase?

Yes, all breeders on this site offer discounts to anyone who has purchased from them before.
If I buy a wolfdog, can I go to a regular Vet?

Some vets dont mind treating hybrids at all, but others will claim you need an exotic pets specialist. In the cases of super high contents as well as pures, You probably will want someone with experience with wolves. In the case of well mannered mid and low contents, any vet that is great with dogs would most likely be fine with your hybrid. There is always the big bad wolf syndrome and we have had people turned away from vet offices and training classes because they own a Wolfdog. This bothered us very much so now on most of the paperwork your breeder will put Shepherd X, Husky X or Malamute X depending on which mix it is.
Is it true that some homeowners insurance will not cover wolfdogs?

Yes, this is true. Some policies that restrict coverage on certain breeds do sometimes include the Wolf dog. You can thank the irresponsible breeders who crossed wolves with the wrong breeds for this. Usually the majority of restrictions cover Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas, and Chows but they do sometimes say Wolf dog as well.
Can we come see your animals?

All of the breeders used to allow visitors unrestricted all year round, but now due to a couple of reasons We have had to change parts of our previous visitor policy. First, we can no longer allow any visits if there are any unvaccinated puppies on the property. There are new strains of parvo as well as other very contagious diseases that can travel on a persons clothing and shoes. These diseases can kill a entire litter. Next, some of the breeders listed on the site have been harassed by Wolf dog haters who Im sure would love their exact location. For these reasons visitors must be able to complete a short application prior to being given the breeders address. We are sorry for this hassel and we still want it known that pick ups are still encouraged but the safety of the animals and breeders is always our first priority.
Is the puppy on the site the one I will receive?

We get asked this question a lot. Its very sad to Us that there are People out there that scam other People. We are not those People. If You pay for a certain Pup on this site, You are guaranteed to receive that baby.
What paymet methods do you accept?

Credit and Debit cards are accepted for the initial deposit. All of the Breeders listed do accept cash at pick up but puppies are not held without payment. We never accept any form of check, even E-Checks thru Paypal are no longer accepted. If You do not have a credit or debit card You can purchase MoneyPak at your local WalMart store.
I want a good guard dog. Are these animals rough and protective?

We do not sell Animals for protection or "Guarding". Please do not get a Wolf Hybrid for fighting, or to look tough.
Do they howl?

Most do howl. Some raised around only regular dogs will bark. Some bark and howl. Then There are Our favorites who dont bark or howl but do occasionally try to talk.