Are wolfdogs dangerous?

Any Large animal raised wrong can be dangerous. Northern breeds, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Wolves all have strong prey drives. If They are allowed to be wild They, like any other Animal who thinks They are in control, could be a threat. Now raised right, with love but also with firmness, They can be good Pets. If they are raised with Small Animals They are a lot less likely to hurt one. You have to be the pack leader at all times. You have to be in control of all of Your Animals or any of Them can pose a danger. So the question isnt are Dogs Dangerous, but are Your methods of raising a Animal dangerous?
I want one of these wolves so bad but we live in an apartment, will one do ok here?

We of coarse prefer the Animals to go to homes, with fenced in Yards, but for the right People and right animal apartments sometimes work. You have to ask Yourself, Can I take My Animal outside several times a day. Can You spend a couple hours Everyday excersizing Your Pet? How long are You gone everyday? Where will the Animal be. You have to know that a untrained, unsupervised Wolf Puppy, or any puppy for that matter will tear up anything in site. You would be amazed at the damage a little innocent baby can do in a matter of a few unsupervised minutes. Look around You and see if You are set up for a Puppy. If You are in a situation where the baby would be locked in a room, alone for hours a day rethinking getting one until the situation is different!
Do you have to live in a cold area to have a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute wolf hybrid?

It is true that Northern Breeds do well in cold climates and can be outside in very low temperatures. We also know of many wolfdogs in very warm climates who are doing well. If You do live in a hot area, make sure Your Animal has plenty of fresh water at all times. Also We recommend purchasing kiddie pools or Livestock watering tubs for Your Hybrid to play in during the hot Summer months if They are left outside. You can also get a mister or other cooling device to make things even more comforatable.
Can these dogs be around cats or small dogs?

We have sold many puppies to Cat and small Dog Owners, and most do great with Animals They are raised with. Our Big Mountain Breeder is also a small Cattery so all of Her pups are raised with Cats from birth. Some even become Best Friends but always Remember if You get a dominant Puppy, most likely it will grow into a dominant Adult, so We dont recommend those around small dogs or Cats. They will do a natural pecking order which wouldnt be as harmful with a similar sized animal but could hurt or kill a small dog or cat.
How big will my puppy get?

Wolfdog puppies can range in Adult size. Purebred Siberian Huskies range from 35-60lbs, Purebred Alaskan Malamutes 60-80 lbs for Standards, more for Giants. Hybrids can weigh 40-150lbs more or less depending on the Mix, the Parents, Granparents and of coarse how the Puppy is raised. Quality Kibble as well as meat and suppliments will always help Your puppy reach His or Her full weight and height potential. You can usually get an idea of Your puppies Adult weight by asking the weight of the Parents, but this is no guarantee because We have seen pups bypass Their Parents weight by as much as 50 lbs as well as some be smaller than both Parents. You can get a general idea by doubling the weight of the puppy at 4 Months for a Medium/Large and 5 Months for a Giant. This is only an estimate though.
Can wolf hybrids pull sleds or weight pull in competition?

They most definately can. We have some that were sold on This site that do work. Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are part of the working group of dogs. They are strong and very durable. Hybrids can be trained to sled pull for a family hobby or even weight pull for competitions. We have an affiliate that sells gear and teaches People how to teach Their dogs, email Us at admin@wolfhuskypups.com for a link to Their site.
How much money does it cost to raise a puppy per year?

The cost of raising a Animal depends on the level of care Your willing to give that Puppy. Good food ranges but You can expect to pay $30 per 40 lbs on average. Ours go thru a bag of 40lbs every 2 weeks each ( $60 per month, per dog) , plus We give Them daily meat which We get from the Butchers and the slaughterhouse at little to no cost. We take Ours for check ups a minimum of twice a year ($120 a Year). We usually purchase about a new toy a week per Dog ( $10 x 4 = $40 a month Per dog) We have everyone on vitamans, suppliments, heartworm preventative ( $45 per Month per dog) Total Average cost Per Dog with a good level of care is $1860 Per Year. To have a litter of Puppies, those costs skyrocket. Each puppy needs Vet Exam(s), food, shots, toys, bedding that needs to be changed a couple times per day and more.
I am losing my house and I have a wolfdog that needs a new home, can you help?

Yes. In most situations We can help You find a new home for Your Northern Breed/Wolfdog puppy or Adult. Please send pictures and information to admin@wolfhuskypups.com We always have People looking for Adults and can usually find a home fairly quickly. Unfortunately We only charge a small adoption fee, which covers the cost of Us listing, Advertising the Animal and taking applications for adoption so You will not be paid any money for the rehoming. You can however charge a fee if You have purchased items that are available with them.
I noticed You name the puppies, will I be able to change the name once I receive the baby?

We name Them only for identification purposes on the site. The Breeders do not call Them by these names. Instead the Breeders train Them all to come to kissing noises so that when You receive Your baby all You have to do is put the name You choose with the kissing noises and Your puppy will learn His or Her name in no time!
What food is best for these animals?

We recommend high protein, high quality kibble in addition to meat. Flint River is an excellent choice and available on this website. Please read Our health pages to get more information on food choices. Also check out our WARNING pages. It lists some things that should NEVER be given to any Dog, wolfdogs included.
I have heard wolfdogs turn on their owners is that true?

We have listed puppies for many years and for many many Breeders of wolfdogs and have yet to hear about one " turning " on Anyone but We believe that any Animal, wolfdog or not has the potential to hurt Someone if not raised right. If You have a fear of dogs, wolfdogs or any Animals We would prefer You dont get Your Pet from Us as You will never fully trust it.
Are These dogs tough, It will be so cool to have a Wolf.

These Animals are not status symbols and We will not sell to Anyone that We believe is getting one because They think it would be " cool " to own a Animal that is part wolf. They are so special, and They have so much Personality and They deserve to be with People who trully appreciate and respect Them. They dont make You tough or cool just by having one. But They will bring a lot of Joy and happiness to Owners that appreciate Them.
I heard wolfdogs cant get shots, is that true?

All of The Breeders that list with Us are required to give the first DHLP Shot which helps in the prevention of Parvo, Distemper, Hepititis and More. These should be given to any Puppy, with or without wolf. Puppies should receive the recommended dose at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and again at 12 weeks. They should also get boosters.

The Rabies vaccine has not been approved for Use on Wolves. The reason it has not been approved because up until recently hybrids were never popular pets so no studies were done on the effects of the standard K9 vaccine on wolves/wolfdogs. Wild pure wolves have exceptional immune systems, and they live their lives with no sort of vaccines. But when You mix a wolf with a dog, You dont have all of those natural immunities. The breeders that list on this site get all of Their Animals Vaccinated at Vet recommended intervals.
I changed my mind, can my money be refunded?

Please read our guarantee and refund policy. We ask that you be completely sure prior to purchasing a puppy from this site because payments are not refundable on live animals.
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