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The best thing You can do is watch Your female give birth. Be there in case She needs You. Most deliveries go smoothly and You wont have to do a thing. There are other times when You being there can save the Newborn pups life. If You see that the mother isnt breaking the sacs and clearing the babies face so it can breath You need to step in and help. Use a clean towel to rub the pups face and body until You see it take its first breath. At that point You can give it back to Mom to finish cleaning. Some Puppies need more work. There is often Pups born that look and act completely dead. You can sometimes revive a Pup that is still warm to the touch and looks to have no defects. There are some things You should try. Remember these should only be used on a Pup that appears lifeless. First try rubbing the pup vigoriously with a towel. If there is no movement try CPR (instructions on Our first aid page) You can also try the Shock method. Again, this is for a Pup that is not responding at all. You put it in ice cold water, then hot water (dont burn it) You alternate it from hot to cold in an effort to shock the system alive. This is a last ditch effort but has worked for Some People.

Once the babies have all been born and cleaned, Everyone will need some rest. Mom will probably sleep while Her new family nurses. Watch over the pups and make sure Everyone is eating. If There is a baby that You notice has not fed, gently place Him on His mother to eat. If He still doesnt nurse it is important to call Your Vet. Pups need to eat within the first few hours of birth.

For the first couple weeks You will need to be around a lot in case Mom lays on a baby or one gets lost in the blankets. You will need to change out the bedding sometimes a few times per day. Some Moms are calm and will allow You to touch the babies with no problems. Other Moms are very protective and You should be careful handling Her Puppies.

After about 3 weeks of age You will start to notice the pups trying to eat Their mothers food. At this time You can make Them Their own special blend to try out. A lot of breeders use a lot of different methods for the puppies first feedings. Some blend goats milk with puppy food. Others boil deboned chicken and blend it with watered down puppy food. The point is to make the puppy food mushy at first and slowly decrease the liquid to make it more solid until the puppy is on completely solid food. Water should be available at all times.

At around 6-8 weeks when the pups are on solid food and no longer nursing They will be ready for Their new homes. Make sure They have Their first shots and explain to Their new families how important it is to get Them Their shots on time. Puppies generally need shots at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks to protect Them from horrible diseases like Parvo, Distemper, Hepetitis and Caronavirus.
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