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First Stage: The first stage, which often goes undetected and which typically lasts from eight to 12 hours, occurs when the cervix is dilating. Your dog will also experience some uterine contractions during this time. She might also pant, become restless, shiver, refuse food or vomit. When You notice any of these encourage Her to go in the whelping area.

Second Stage: The second stage of labor is known as the hard labor stage.

Canines, like Humans, respond differently to hard labor. Some will simply strain, pant and push. Others will cry, and some might even try to run.

Stage two typically lasts 10 to 30 minutes for each puppy.

Third Stage: The third stage refers to the expulsion of the placenta and afterbirth. Stage three can occur after each puppy, but it does not have to, as up to two puppies can be birthed on one placenta.


 If Any of the following occur, Contact Your Vet right away:

Canine Pregnancy lasting more than 72 days.
Labor does not initiate within 24 hours of your dog's temperature drop.
More than four hours passes between puppies.
Your canine seems to be in excessive pain.
Your pet spends 30 to 60 minutes in hard labor but doesn't deliver the puppy.