Wolf Dog Sizing Chart
How big will my puppy get?
This is one of the most asked questions. We understand the desire to have a huge puppy. We have sold them and continue to offer extra large giant puppies for sale. However, we do make it clear that the estimates provided are not exact. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a puppies final adult weight. A fixed animals weight can be different from a unfixed animal from the same line. A puppy fed high quality food can turn out much different than a puppy fed junk. Also when living in an area where there are drastic temperature changes your animals weight can vary from one season to the next. Higher content wolf dogs can continue to grow up to 5 years of age. Usually the biggest growth being in the first 6 months, and then a gradual increase up to age 2. For small or medium dogs, you can double the 4 month weight to get a good estimate of adult weight. For Large breeds you can double the 5 month weight and for giants a good idea of final adult weight can be obtained by doubling the 6 month old weight. In example if your giant breed puppy is 65 lbs at 6 months, You can guess that if you continue the same eating and living situation you will have a 130 lbs full grown adult. Again, this is not an exact science but we have found it to be accurate more than not.

We do need to mention that giant breeds can be prone to health issues and a shorter lifespan. While as of yet, we have not really seen this as the case in wolf hybrids, there is that risk in any extra large or giant breed.
Adult Size Chart
We often list the size of a puppy as medium, large, giant or super giant. This chart explains what those terms mean in actual weight. You will sometimes see a puppy described using more than one term, in example, Medium Large. That puppy would be expected to weigh between 40 - 60 lbs. You will also see references to the parents and grand parents weights. If the parents are considered large but they have giants in their background then the puppy could range from large to giant. We do our best to provide accurate information so that you are prepared for the size your puppy will grow into. It is ultimately up to the owner to make sure the puppy reaches his or her full potential by feeding high quality food. It is also up tot he owner to make sure that the puppy does not end up at a unhealthy weight with no exercise and/or a poor diet.
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