* Prices listed are the pick up prices and do not include delivery or breeding rights if needed. Shipping, delivery & full rights all add to the fee. We reserve the right to change our listed prices at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to reject any application for any reason.
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We understand that some of the puppies are expensive. We want to give everyone a chance to own one of these amazing animals. We have a wonderful referral program that can help lower or even eliminate purchase costs.
Receive a $100* credit towards a puppy purchase for every friend you refer.
The person or people you refer must apply for, be approved and pay for a puppy through this website. You will receive $100 - $200 credit towards any puppy on this website once the person referred completes their transaction.
Refer 10 buyers and choose ANY available puppy for FREE!
All 10 buyers must apply, be approved and pay for their selected puppies. All 10 buyers must purchase the puppies from this website. You will receive full credit towards any puppy on this website once the persons referred completes their transaction. This offer includes rare and more expensive puppies. This offer does not include delivery.
All buyers must be at least 21 years old. This includes the referring person.

Referring buyer will not receive credit until transaction (s) are completed

All buyers, including the referring person, need to be approved and complete a purchase application

All credits are transferable to any available puppy listed on this website.

Referring parties can find buyers how ever they choose but they are solely responsible for their methods.

It is the referring parties responsiblity to make sure any buyer lists their name as the referral on the application.

You cannot receive credit for your own puppy purchase. You cannot be your own buyer or referring party.

Shipping is not included in the FREE puppy offer, but you can earn shipping credits as well with more referrals
We reserve the right to cancel any special at anytime without notice.
Referral Program
Hybrids do best with a canine companion. We love to sell puppies in pairs. We offer up to $400 off the purchase of a pair purchased from the same breeder. In most cases we can also fly two puppies for around the same cost as one.
Purchase A Pair Of Puppies
We always offer special discounts to our Friends & Followers on Facebook. We also announce special priced puppies first via our email update list. Our YouTube subscribers also receive video updates first which can include special pricing. Join us on social media for best deals and frequent updates on new puppies.
Follow, Friend or Subscribe For Discounts