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Sell Your Puppies
It is with much sadness that after well over a decade of offering some of the most beautiful animals on the planet I am now forced to stop selling puppies.

If you are a current buyer please use the email admin@wolfhuskypups.com and note that the main phone line will no longer be active. Please be assured that you will be taken care of. I will not shut down completely until all of the current buyers have their puppy. I will be sending all current buyers a letter directly explaining why I have to shut down sooner than expected as well as give you the information to get you a puppy home.

If you are not a current buyer but looking for a wolf dog consider adopting first. If you must have a puppy and please require DNA proof. Require proof of parvo/distemper vaccines. If at all possible go visit in person and see the conditions the animals are living in. If they have more than a few animals, leave. If they do not have DNA proof, leave. If the puppies are not social, leave. There are some really bad breeders out there and I do not want anyone going thru unnecessary heartbreak.

Thank you so much to those of you that were like family to me. Who got a puppy from me and truly loved him or her like their own child. You made it worth it for so long and hearing your stories is what I will miss more than anything.