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Please ask all questions prior to filling out the application. We are available daily via live chat. If the live chat is offline you can email admin@wolfhuskypups.com for a fast response.
If you are under 21 years of age or If you are not currently living in the U.S or Canada, please do not fill out the application until you speak to the site administrator. Please do not fill out the application until ready to purchase a puppy. Puppies are not held without payment. There are no buyer requested refunds on live animal sales, however if a buyer changes their mind prior to receipt of the purchased animal, their payment may transfer to any available puppy listed on this website. The listed breeders do reserve the right to refuse any sale and refund the purchase.
Previous Buyer Discounts
Previous Buyers will receive a minimum $100 discount towards a purchase of a 2nd puppy. If you purchase from the same breeder, the discount might be even higher.
New Buyers Purchasing A Pair
Purchase a pair of puppies and receive a minimum $100 off your purchase price. Purchase a pair from the same breeder and receive $200-400 off the total price and if the puppies are under 3 months of age they can fly together for the same price as one.
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