Purchasing a Puppy
Approved Application and payment are required to hold any available pup. Please do not apply until you are ready to purchase. Average prices from $1800 - $3000*. We offer discounts to repeat buyers as well as our followers on social media. Feel free to use Messenger to contact us anytime.
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Your First and Last Name:

Your Full Address:

Phone Number where you can be reached:

Email address:

Are you ready to pay for your breeding pair today? If yes, by which method? If no, please do not
complete the application. We are only looking for serious people ready to become partners and
secure two puppies with payment. Please note only cash in person, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp
are accepted unless you are a verified previous buyer.

Please list, in detail, your experience with Wolf Dogs

Please list all of the animals living in your home.

Please list the ages of everyone that lives in or frequently visits your home.

You agree to never turn the puppies over to a shelter. We are available to
 help rehome this animal at anytime for any reason.

You agree that you own your home or have Your landlord's permission for pets.

You confirm that You are at least 21 Years old. If not please contact Us before filling out the
application or you will be denied

You agree to properly care for the animalsl. This includes Vet check ups, proper
feeding and regular exercise.

You agree to not abuse your pets. All pets can be stubborn and you understand you will need
to be firm but not be abusive.

You understand that all puppies need proper socializing and training or they will have behavior

issues as adults.

You agree to not chain your puppies up for any extended period of time. Chain life is not
acceptable for any pet.

You understand once the puppies are in your care the site owner will not pay any expenses.
This includes both medical and training expenses.

You confirm you have read the posted buyer/health guarantee and no refund policy.

You understand that you will be on a breeding contract and you agree to abide by all rules
posted. If you should elect to cancel the contract any discount on the purchase of the puppies
will be revoked and you would owe full price. You would lose any discount offered and it would
be due in full immediately to cancel the contract.

By typing Your full name and birth year You are confirming You agree to all of the above

Do you need your puppy shipped? If Yes, please list Your nearest three major airports in order
of preference:

You agree to list 2 litters from the approved parents on this website. You understand that our listing fees
are paid by the buyer in the form of a deposit. Our fees will not exceed 1/3 the purchase price. Even with
our listing fees breeders are reimbursed way more listing with us than on their own as our site is worldwide
and we are able to charge the higher prices and find the very best buyers for these amazing puppies. If you
fail to list the 2 litters on this website your discounted price no longer applies and the difference would need
to be paid.

You agree to never breed a female more than 4 times. Ideally you should consider fixing the female after
3 litters but never go over 4.

Have you ever been arrested for animal cruelty? Have you ever been cited for any
animal related offense?

Have you had any Wolf Dog litters? If yes where were the puppies born? What was
your asking price? Did you fly any of the puppies to their new homes?

Explain what you hope to get from breeding.

Are you willing to deliver puppies to their new homes up to 200 miles as well
fly them if needed? Buyer to pay all expenses related to puppy delivery. If you
are willing to fly puppies please list your nearest major airports.

Please explain your animal set up. Are visitors welcome? Are you able to provide
pictures and video if requested?

Do you understand that our listing services are paid by the buyer? Do you agree to us
adding our fee to your asking price?

Do you agree to take pictures and video of any puppies born at least weekly? It
is preferable to do pictures and video twice per week but a minimum is at least once.
Puppies grow very quickly and their new families will want to be able to watch them
grow. Do you also agree to handle and socialize the puppies daily? We recommend
them being born in a bedroom close to you so that you can watch and care for them.

Desired asking price of future litters

Approved applicants must be prepared to complete the agreement with purchase of two breed quality Wolf Dog puppies from this site. Or a pup and a adult. Because of this we ask that interested people do not complete the application until you are ready to commit. Incomplete or invalid applications are deleted.

Breed quality puppies range in price and breeding rights added a additional fees. However for the selected partners we will offer discounts and include breeding rights. Flights or delivery do add to the price but we can usually fly a pair for around the same price as one pup. But anyone interested needs to be aware that the initial investment will not be cheap.

Please email the below application to admin@wolfhuskypups.com or you may call/text 435-704-7328 if you have any questions.